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  • SAG Award for 2015

    Actor Michael Simkins presenting the Sir Alec Guinness Award on Friday 6 March at the CAA in Covent Garden.  The winner was Dominic Rye from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama.  Unfortunately he was not in attendence so the award was received on his behalf by Adam Burkholder. (image courtesy of Patrick Lee)

  • SAG Award for 2016

    Hannah Traylen, who is a final year drama student at Italia Conti was this year’s winner of the Sir Alec Guinness Award.  This was presented to Hannah during the Annual Students Evening by CaAPA actor and chairman, Richard O’Callaghan.   Well done to Hannah! (image courtesy of Patrick Lee)

CaAPA Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

CaAPA welcomes everyone who is interested in the performing arts and/or interested in using their talents, skills knowledge and experience to help others.

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One of CaAPA's primary functions is to offer chaplaincy services to members and to the wider community - their responsibilities are varied.

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The Catholic Association of Performing Arts (CaAPA) (formerly the Catholic Stage Guild) works for, and alongside, people of all faiths and none. The Association performs a dual role, serving the needs of its members and, through them, the wider community.

CaAPA’s members are, typically, theatre professionals or non-professionals with some interest in the performing arts. Members apply their talents and skills to helping the wider community, for example putting on theatre productions to help people in their spiritual journeys and to raise funds for good causes.

CaAPA’s New Initiative. FUNDING

Want some money – for your next project? Would it qualify? Want to find out more? If you’ve registered, gain access to the Member’s Area – Newsletters. There you will find Funding Selection Criteria and details as to how you can apply. The document is in Adobe Acrobat Format (PDF), to view this file you will need to have the Acrobat Reader installed.